Always Say Yes

Someone once told me that they live by the motto "Always say yes." She said that when she was younger, she wouldn't jump on opportunities because she didn't feel prepared or was too shy. She overcame this and started living by this motto and the most magical things started appearing in her life. 

It's also a motto I've taken to heart in life and in business. This doesn't mean that you should say yes to ridiculous or dangerous things, but it does mean that you should say yes to things that might be difficult, thrilling, challenging or intimidating. 

What I really learned from that was to take opportunities, don’t waste them and certainly don’t give excuses not to take them. 

I’ll start my business or learn a new skill when…

… the baby goes to daycare

… the dishes get done

… I save a bit more 

… the kids go to school

… the laundry gets folded

… I lose these 10 pounds

… the project at work wraps up

… I renovate the basement

The excuses are endless, but opportunities, unfortunately, are not.

Do any of these sound familiar? How many opportunities have you passed up on because you didn’t feel “ready?” How many opportunities, ones you don’t even know about, have passed you by because you were worried about that load of laundry? 

So many times we don’t get started, or don’t do the work, because of excuses - and it’s TIME. TO. STOP. 

If you find yourself uttering an excuse on why you haven’t gotten to the level of success you want - realize that every time you speak an excuse, you are potentially letting an opportunity slip past you. Had you gotten started, had you been prepared, had you done the work by now - opportunities are never missed. You are always ready for any opportunity that comes your way. 

Stop with the excuses, get started and get ready.