I love, love, love to read. I curl up in bed with my Kindle when my kids go to sleep (hello 8pm!) and read into the wee hours of the night. It drives my husband crazy. I can’t help it. Books are life. Here are my faves.

But first. Get yourself a Kindle. Like, seriously, just do it.

I can’t recommend a Kindle enough. You can throw it in your bag and carry a 1,000+ books with you.

I know, I know. You LOVE holding a book, smelling it, turning the pages, etc. Time to get over that. Books are tools, references and tiny treasures - make them easy to take with you.

I do not recommend getting a Kindle Fire though. This one looks like paper, is back lit, with no temptation to surf the web or check social media. It’s a fabulous way to really focus on what you are reading and super easy to take with you. It’s made all the difference for me.

Added bonus: you can read in bed when your toddler keeps kicking you in the back at 3am without turning on the light. #smallwins

Dawn Fotopulos has written this phenomenal book and I recommend it with fervor. Even though it’s about accounting, I swear it’s not boring.

This book will actually make you smarter. Like legit smarter. A crash course in reading your financials, making sure your margins are high enough to be profitable and how to course correct if you aren’t making enough money. It’s fabulous and a must read, truly.

I love Jack Canfield, I mean, how can you not love Jack Canfield? He’s like a successful teddy bear. I want to snuggle him. The Success Principles is a massive book, full of his most impactful tips for bringing success your way. Each principle is thought provoking. It’s not a book you read all at once, it’s to be consumed bite by bite. It’ll really make you turn inward and reflect on your own success journey, all the while giving you tactical advice. Great book.

Better Than Before is one of my favorite books to recommend if you have goals you are actively trying to achieve. Gretchen Rubin outlines four types of people and how they respond to inner and outer expectations. When we place expectations on ourselves and when other people put expectations on us, we all react a little differently. Her book helps you to identify which type you are (Obliger, Questioner, Upholder or Rebel) and use that to reach your goals and help others reach theirs. I freaking LOVE this book.

If you want your mind blown, go ahead and read this book. DAYUM. The shenanigans Oren Klaff pulls while making some of the biggest pitches in the world of business, is seriously the stuff of legend. (For example, while in the middle of a pitch meeting, the CEO started eating an apple. Oren hops up, goes to the office kitchen, comes back with a knife, grabs the apple and cuts himself off a chunk and eats it. Who does that?!?) Shock and awe are part of all of his pitches and your jaw will drop. My husband, a physical therapist, listened to this book twice just because it’s so dang unbelievable. You will not be disappointed.

Fred Joyal is the guy who started 1-800-Dentist. My husband, the physical therapist, was recommended this book and we listened to it in the car on a road trip. It was so good, we listened to it again. Even though it’s tailored towards Dentists and their practices, there are some really great fundamentals in this book that are applicable to anyone in business. Highly recommend.

If you’re in business, chances are, you’re talking to people. (If you aren’t, um, that sounds kinda sketch.) There will be moments when you will have to have a conversation that you don’t want to have, or don’t know how to approach. This is a book that helps navigate those murky waters and it’s fantastic. I very much enjoyed this book and I know everyone who’s read it has too.

How To Write A Business Plan: Your Ultimate Guide To Writing Your First Kick Ass Business Plan.

This little guide is short and sweet, but quite effective. Follow along as I create a small business plan so you can get real examples of what you need to include. Business plans don’t have to be massive works of art, they need to be simple, to the point and fluid. Ever changing, a business plan is a way for you to think through issues ahead of time and plan out a strategy.