Unfortunately, the Chic CEO website completely evaporated into thin air, and our hosting company can’t give a straight answer as to how. Almost 10 years and 1200 pages of content POOF! GONE.

After crying for 2.5 hours, I wiped the nutella off my face and got back to work. What I did manage to salvage (from my files and the Wayback Machine) I’m slowly putting up here for you to access.

I know a lot of women (over 100k actually) used Chic CEO to help them get their businesses started. So if you are looking for free resources to help you get started, you’ll find them below. If you are still needing something, please feel free to reach out and I’ll help the best I can. (Bear with me as I get the info up. It’s been a slow process…)

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3 Day Chic Start

Thousands of female entrepreneurs have used the 3 Day Chic Start with awesome results.

Idea Melting, Peak End Experience and How To REALLY Brand are included and will make a big difference in your business.

I was gifted the TUL notebook and let it sit in my closet for probably a year. I didn’t think I needed it, since at the time I was pregnant with my first babe and plenty productive. Once she got here though, my time for work was cut by about 110% and I realized how much time I was actually wasting. So I busted out the notebook to see if I could use it to help me get things done. 


Leaders are readers.

If you are just starting out - or years into the business game, you must be constantly reading.

Here are the top books I recommend to any entrepreneur looking to sharpen their skills.