What's an Unreasonable Request? 

It's... well, it's different.

An Unreasonable Request is a truly outrageous ask. Something you logically know is out of the question, but the thrill seeker in you wants to ask anyway. 


Asking for unreasonable things has allowed me to travel to Bali to learn how to computer code, partner with cool companies, interview Barbara Corcoran, get a treadmill desk for free and more.

Unreasonable Requests have allowed my clients to raise tens of thousands of dollars, travel for free, access to private retreats abroad and more. 

It's not about getting things for free though - it's about value exchange, reciprocity, and a healthy dose of gumption. 

Unreasonable Requests are about limits really, or lack there of.

There is something magical about asking for the unreasonable, the outrageous, the ridiculous -

and getting a "yes."

Have you ever wondered why some people have all the luck? Why some people get the timely exposure, the big breaks, the cool opportunities, the fantastic experiences?

Chances are - they asked for them.

And it's not that they just asked for what they wanted, it was the way they asked that mattered. An Unreasonable Request is something extraordinary, something outlandish, something you would be certain wouldn't get a "yes." Until now.

When you allow yourself to make an Unreasonable Request - you are really limitless.

No boundaries. No lines. No "NOs."

Derek Loudermilk - Founder, Art of Adventure

"Even though I am used to pushing my comfort zone with physical challenges, Stephanie has really helped me think differently about the limits to what I can ask for and receive. She helped me frame my value proposition and get clear on what I can offer, especially if I am asking for ridiculously large things like free travel or luxury accommodations. Sometimes I think of unreasonable requests like a game to see just how wild and crazy of an ask I can come up with. I've realized that there aren't as many limits as I thought there were."

Zlata Sushchik - Founder, Sexyfit 

"If it wasn't for Stephanie, I would not be where I am today with my business, let alone have a business.

As a result of working with her on my ability to make unreasonable requests, I am now a writer with a book which is available on Amazon. I recently became a contributor to Huffington Post and its opened a lot of other doors and opportunities for me and my team. Best part, I know this is just the beginning. I feel truly limitless in my ability, and my company is rocking the house."

Nancy Batterman - CEO, Employment & Community Options 

“Since Stephanie joined the board of E&CO, not only have we raised more money, but we’ve also driven costs down. All from making unreasonable requests. The whole board is also making unreasonable requests now and so is the development committee. Our motto now is “just ask!” - and we are always so excited and surprised when we get a yes."


I've worked with non-profits to raise tens of thousands of dollars.

I've worked with founders to ask for the big funding.

What if your team, board, YOU - went out and asked for what you really needed? What if you just asked for what you really wanted? The scary, totally ridiculous, stomach-lurching wants or needs that you wouldn't dare say out loud. That's an Unreasonable Request.

The best part of making an Unreasonable Request? 8 out of 10 times - you'll get a yes.

When Chic CEO was brand new, my business partner and I had no budget. We had no resources except for our creativity and our tenacity. If we needed something - we had to ask. Our whole team started making Unreasonable Requests and amazing things started happening.

Along the way, I've come to notice a definite pattern in how to ask for big things, and the different ways I can better my chances of getting a yes.

Now it's your turn.




My husband and I spend 2.5 months in Bali on our honeymoon AND I went to computer coding bootcamp. Tuition, lodging and flight were complementary - all from an Unreasonable Request.



A new hotel in the heart of Times Square agreed to host 100 women for a networking event on the eve of their grand opening. They took care of the drinks and food. We just showed up and had a great time. An Unreasonable Request indeed. 

Rebel Desk


I had my eye on a RebelDesk for a while. I finally contacted the CEO and asked for one. She sent it the next day. I get so much more done and it's truly one of my favorite productivity tools. I am still so excited about this Unreasonable Request. It's one of my favorites.