5 Apps I'm Grateful For - 2017 Edition

It's almost Thanksgiving!! For the past couple of years, I've sent out 5 apps/services that I'm grateful for and I get a ton of response from everyone. Usually, GeniusScan and FollowUpThen.com are on the list - but this year, I have a new set to rev your biz engine. 

So here we go! My top 5 apps/services that I'm grateful for in 2017! 

1. Sumo - If you haven't installed Sumo on your website yet, I love you, you gorgeous flower, but it's time to get with it. Sumo helps you, help yourself. If you are trying to grow your list, you need to get this installed. The Professional Plan is what I use on Clever-Hub.com and it's increased my signups dramatically. (By 28.61% actually.) There is a live chat feature, welcome bars, social media buttons and more easy to install widgets to engage your visitors. Do yourself a favor and get it RIGHT NOW

2. Grammarly - why haven't I used Grammarly until now?!?! UGH. You can download Grammarly right to your desktop and have a Chrome extension to stay on top of your spelling and grammar. It's just too easy - and its free. There really is no excuse at this point! 

3. LegalShield - yep, it's pre-paid legal services. It's about $20 a month and you can run almost everything by them. Any and all contracts to be looked over, advice on partnerships, whether something can be done in your state, if you got a speeding ticket, etc. I use it for my own business and my husband's business. $20 bucks is so much better than $400 an hour!  

4.  Canva - is it weird that I use Canva almost every day? I swear I didn't realize how much design I did until I started using Canva. From social media images, website images, direct mail, flyers, business cards, etc., I am perpetually using it for all of my projects. I have the Canva for designers account for $10 a month - because I love the features - but you can definitely get a lot done with the free version. 

5.  Billy - I switched from Quickbooks to Billy this year. It's a much more intuitive system, beautiful interface, let's you do recurring invoices, trainings for accounting, and syncs up with your bank account. If you are kinda fed up with QB, Billy is pretty great. 


There you have it!! The 5 apps/services I'm most grateful for in 2017!!